Quick consumer loan

Would you like to do a quick, simple and easy shopping? We have the right solution for you – Quick consumer loans of Banca Intesa and Shop loans of Piraeus Bank, that shall be approved at the point of sale, without going to the bank.
When submitting your loan application, you only have to enclose your identity card and the certified employment and salary confirmation (for Banca Intesa and for amounts above 300€ for Piraeus Bank) to the seller and choose the model of the Quick consumer loan.

Banca Intesa - Quick consumer loan options:

Quick consumer loan in EUR

Interest rate:  1,8% monthly, floating

Effective interest rate:  From 23,77%

*Certified employment and salary confirmation required

Quick consumer dinar loan – without FX clause and revaluation

Interest rate: 2% monthly, fixed

Effective interest rate: From 26,75%

*Certified employment and salary confirmation required


Shop loan- Piraeus bank:

SHOP loan with FX clause

Interest rate: 2% monthly, 26,82% annually

Effective interest rate: From 28,64%

 *Loans up to EUR 300 can be approved with valid ID card and completed Loan Application which needn’t be certified at the Company, while loans exceeding EUR 300 can be approved with ID card and administrative order, as well as certified Loan Application by Applicant’s Company

There are no initial costs except for 20% down payment which is mandatory




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